Downtown Franklin

Rotary Club


A Word from our President

In our seventh year, I am honored to lead as President of the Downtown Franklin Rotary Club
(DFRC). Raised to serve others, I continue this legacy through my commitment and active
involvement in the community where I live. As President, I join a dynamic group of likeminded
volunteers committed to making a difference. As servants to the community, we are devoted
to continuing and growing the work of DFRC.

With a motto of “SERVICE TO HUMANITY”, my goals for our growing membership will be to
strengthen our community engagement. We will examine our priorities to meet the needs of
humankind. By aligning our club values, our team will make great things happen.

Each year DFRC works to support multiple organizations in and around the Franklin area. This
takes the dedication of each of our members leading and supporting multiple committees to
make our vision of service above self, a reality. At DFRC we are more than a club, we are a
family that is supportive of one another. Our energy and creativity will continue to focus on
being relevant in an ever-changing society. Working together, we will make a difference.


CJ Monte